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Rent a Private Playspace

The Den is conveniently located in central Phoenix for all of your kinky, fetish needs. We are proud to offer individual rooms — or the entire play space — for either hourly, extended, or overnight play sessions. We will assist in customizing a memorable BDSM/fetish experience for you. Visit our 5,000-square-foot, private, self-contained establishment, offering fenced, secured, well-lit parking, with additional parking available for large parties.

Our five, extensively equipped, themed rooms offer a variety of possibilities.

• The Foyer – As you enter the Den, you will be welcomed into a room resembling a schoolroom or business library to discipline the naughty submissive!
• The Grande Hall – Our largest playroom of 1000 square feet and 25-foot ceilings. This room has two suspension units including electrical hoists and so much more!
• The Clinic – Our medical room gives you the look and feel of the real thing. Complete with bed, wheelchair, and toilet; The Clinic will meet all those medical kink needs.
• The Parlor – Painted an exotic red, the Parlor will ignite your passions transporting you to surrender to the ultimate pleasures.
• The Immersion Room – An intimate yet contemporary dungeon containing several pieces of furniture designed by the infamous Sonny Black makes your time at the Den erotic and memorable. 

        • Scroll down for more details and pricing on each Dungeon.

Overnight/Extended Stay Details

To make your overnight/extended stays complete, we offer a kitchenette, fully-stocked shower facility, and sleeping units. Basic equipment like wrist and ankle restraints, paddles, whips, etc… are included with individual room packages.

As you can see, the Den of Indomitus is the quintessentially perfect place for couples to explore, for groups to celebrate, and for photographers to shoot on that one-of-a-kind backdrop.

Dungeon room rentals are hourly. See below for details of each room.

• Scroll down for more details and pricing on each Dungeon.

Extended hours and overnight stays are negotiable upon discussion with the Head Mistress. We’ll help customize your best party ever! 

Use this form to contact us for your rental request.

Rent a Play Space

Take a brief tour of our play spaces here.

The Foyer

The Foyer offers a unique expression of an 18th-century theme mixed with modern accessories for greeting and meeting your submissive. Start the discipline in this schoolroom or business library setting with role play and whatever your imagination allows! Inquire with the Head Mistress for available props. ($60 per hour) 

The Grande Hall

The Grande Hall is our largest room with 1,000 square feet and 25-foot ceilings. Rent this Dungeon and be transported into submission with two suspension units complete with electrical hoists. One hoist includes a chain suspension cage. The room also boasts a spanking bench, stock pillory, barber chair, and a large floor cage. Also has a bathroom with toilet and sink. ($80/hour)

The Clinic

Feeling ill and need a naughty nurse? Our Clinic is decorated like a standard medical facility, stark white walls and white tile floor give you that good old fashion clinical feel. A large medical bed, barber chair, stainless steel cage, wheelchair, and toilet gives the patient everything they need for living out those kinky medical fantasies. Come play doctor in this classic setting. ($60 per hour)

The Parlor

Step into this sensuous, erotically enticing room. Deep red walls and silk draped ceilings create an exotic Asian palace. This room offers a spanking horse, overhead suspension, throne chair and sofa that turns into a bondage bed. Dominate your submissive in Christian Grey’s fantasy playroom and surrender to pleasure

The Parlor also contains a large armoire which holds an entire feminization wardrobe is also available for your delight and pleasure. An extensive collection of clothing, panties, bras, girdles, garter belts, corsets, stockings, dresses, skirts, blouses, skirts, shoes, boots, wigs and so much more satisfy those hot, passionate desires. ($60 per hour)

The Immersion Room

The Immersion Room is decorated in a modern fashion with vivid purple walls and silver accents. Two pieces of equipment from the infamous Sonny Black of Los Angeles makes this Dungeon your dominion. A beautiful purple leather spanking bench and large black leather bondage bed create the perfect space for restrictive bondage and discipline. This room also contains a shower facility for those who desire a clean, fresh submissive. ($60 per hour)

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