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Rent a Dungeon

Rent Your Own Private Playspace!

Visit our 5,000-square-foot, private, self-contained establishment, offering fenced, secured, well-lit parking, with additional parking available for large parties.

The Den is conveniently located in central Phoenix for all of your kinky, fetish needs. We are proud to offer individual rooms — or the entire play space — for either hourly, extended, or overnight play sessions. We will assist in customizing a memorable BDSM/fetish experience for you.

Our five, extensively equipped, themed rooms offer a variety of possibilities. For example, our medical room gives you the look and feel of the real thing.  The Red Room (Our Parlor) allows you to step into Christian Grey’s private playroom. Our expansive grand hall transports you to 18th-century Europe, complete with Pillory. The Immersion Room is an intimate yet contemporary dungeon containing several pieces of furniture designed by the infamous Sonny Black. The foyer provides a convenient meet-and-greet area for your party or space for you to reenact the main scenes from Secretary.

Overnight/Extended Stay Details

To make your overnight/extended stays complete, we offer a kitchenette, fully-stocked shower facility, and sleeping units. Basic equipment (like wrist and ankle restraints, paddles, whips — and more!) are included with individual room packages.

As you can see, the Den of Indomitus is the quintessentially perfect place for couples to explore, for groups to party, and for photographers to shoot on that one-of-a-kind backdrop.

Never yours,

Head Mistress Porsche Lynn

Individual room rentals are $75 per hour.

Extended hours and overnight stays are negotiable upon discussion with the Head Mistress. We’ll help customize your best party ever! 

Use this form to contact us for your rental request.

Rent a Play Space

Take a brief tour of our play spaces here.

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