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Mistress Jaz

Mistress Jaz


I have 5 years Experience in the lifestyle. I’m skilled at what I do and very adaptive. I will be the bringer of ecstasy or the harbinger of your punishment. All I requested is that you listen to my commands and I will make sure that you will be begging me for more. I can be sweet and sensual, but I’m a sadist and I will enjoy listening to the sounds I’ll have you make.

If you feel the need to spoil me, like you should be doing

Physical Attributes

Height: 6’2″
Weight: 190lbs
Body type: Tall, athletic
Measurements: 38C bust
Hair: Short, black/brown
Complextion: fair
Eyes: Hazel and brown
Tattoos & Piercings: Two tattoos, nipples/navel/nose/ears


Leather, PVC, Fishnets, different assortment of lingerie

A Few of My Favorite Things:

Colors: Black, Red, Purple
Scents: Classic from Banana Republic
Food: Pho, Sushi (Spicy salmon), Hotpot
Beverage: Redbull, Mojito
Music: Alternative, Rock, Dance, Classical
Pastimes: Painting, Gaming, Netflix, a day at the mall

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Interests and Domination provided:


– Impact play ( floggers, paddles, crops )



– Ball Busting

– Bondage ( Rope, Cuffs, Chains, Ect. )

– Suspension

– Role Play

– Feminization


– Chastity

– Brat handler/Taming

– Sensory Play

– There’s more… just don’t be scared to ask

Call 602.340.1775 NOW to schedule your phone or Den session

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