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Goddess Blu

Goddess Blu


Physical Attributes

Height: 5’3

Weight: 150 lbs

Body Type: Athletic curvy build 

Complexion: Peanut butter Almond 

Eye Color: deep hazelnut

A Few of My Favorite Things:

Colors: All shades of green especially lime & Mint also Pink
Flower: Orchids, Dahlia’s and Hyssop
Scent: Lavender, Eucalyptus/Sage (favorite perfume is called Red Jeans by Versace (amazon wishlist included on all social media platforms ) 
Food: Sucker chocolates. I’m a pasta freak !
Beverage: Tequila girl, white wine, and strawberry soda (Faygo Brand ) 
Position: On your knees you disgusting varmit
Places to travel: Bora Bora , Thailand  Jamaica 
Books: 48 LAWS OF POWER,  Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Laws of Attraction 
Pasttime: Road trips to the gun club with my family and feasting on wild game 

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Interests and Domination provided:

Specialties: Race Play/Racial Domination, wax play, consensual non-consent,  contrapolar stimulation, Age Play (Adult baby diaper Love ), Tease & Denial, Impact Play, Cross Dressing, sissyfication, Collaring, Chasity
Interests: hogtie, rope /bondage, medical scene 
Hard Limits: Scat, blood, vomit. 

Catsuits, Thigh High boots, crushed velvet, satin, silk, choke chains
I absolutely adore anything, mesh, or fishnet 
Lace lingerie and my favorite line is by artist Rihanna anything in her collection from Savage X Fenty 
Shoe Size: 7

Call 602.340.1775 NOW to schedule your phone or Den session

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