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Goddess Tempest Luxx

Goddess Tempest is here starting August 15th!

you may refer to Me as Goddess Tempest. But, you may know Me as “Mistress Synful Pleasure”. I’ve rebranded as of 2021. What am I interested in? Well, I am quite a Vixen of Kink. My style is unique, a delicious blend of traditional BDSM & sensational tantra.I am seductive, sensual and slightly sadistic. As a true master of energetic exchange and the art of seduction, you will be enchanted within My very presence and slip easily into subspace. I enjoy teasing your senses, stimulating your mind & watching you grovel for Me. I’m quite versatile and enjoy all types of respectful s-types (submissives, slaves, sissies) & fetishists. I value genuine play chemistry, connection & cultivating a conscious space for desire to be explored.

The following is a brief list of some of My favorite BDSM activities.

Sensual foot worship & massage (Barefoot, Stocking, Nylon)
Heel / Boot Worship / Trampling (High heels, Boots, Sneakers, Hosiery, etc)
Smothering / Smotherbox
Tease & Denial / Controlled O Denial / Chastity
Sensual Psychological Domination
Sensation Play (Pinwheels, candle wax, ice, feathers, fingernails, vibration, etc..)
Impact play (Crops, canes, whips, floggers, crops)
Corporal Punishment & OTK spanking (Wood, Metal, Acrylic Paddle or Barehand)
Bondage / Predicament bondage (Rope, Cuff restraints, saran wrap, duct tape, etc)
Electro – play
Nipple Torture (Clamps, fingernails, whipping, etc)
CBT (Weights, ballbusting, bondage, flogging, kicking/kneeing, electro, clothespins)
Financial Domination & Shopping Sprees
slave training (slave positions, mannerisms, domestic servitude, human furniture, etc..)
Light Humiliation (Teasing, name-calling, embarrassment, positioning, etc)
Model: Tempest Luxx   @TempestLuxx   
@ Mormon Rocks, Cajon Pass    
©2021 D.W. Kim Photography and Design    
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