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About the Den of Indomitus

Arizona’s ONLY Fully-Equipped Multi-Room Dungeon

Welcome to our newest incarnation. We have given the site a fresh new look. You will still find Mistress Galleries and the submissive Board along with fresh new information and faces. It was my desire to refresh the site and create a modern and user-friendly status. With Wedding Packages, Private Party Packages, Individual Dungeon Rental, and a great Photography location, we hope to hit the target! ~ Head Mistress, Porsche Lynn

Den of Indomitus

Arizona’s only fully-equipped, multi-room dungeon.  Five themed, fully equipped rooms allow you to explore all aspects of BDSM and Fetish Play in a safe, sane, and consensual environment. Our dungeon facility hosts equipment, props, and costumes to please most, if not all, forms of BDSM play.

Business Hours

Monday – Friday  11am – 11pm
Saturday 3pm – 9pm
Sunday – By Special Appointment

We may also be available at different hours by appointment.
Please call for details to schedule.

The Den of Indomitus has an extensive selection of equipment!

In addition to the themed rooms, The Den of Indomitus offers the largest collection of session equipment in Arizona. Suspension, spanking benches, Bondage and Discipline beds, cages, whips, and more make The Den ideal for your dominant-submissive relationship.

If your fantasy equipment is not listed – that does not mean that we do not have it. If you are looking for a particular piece, please email us or call. Ask the office manager about available equipment and props when booking your appointment.


Administered with a large variety of whips : single tails, bull whips, taws, buggy whips, floggers, “cat of nine tails”, etc.

Paddles: wood, leather, or rubber, riding crops.

Canes: rattan, bamboo, fiberglass.

Electrical Toys: Tens unit- Folsom Electric Box with various attachments, ultraviolet wands with various attachments, cattle prods, and some small hand-held electrical devices.

Some of our Bondage Devices

suspension wrist and ankle cuffs, various wrist and ankles bondage cuffs, straight jacket, body bags, leather straps, belts, chains, rope, heavy metal shackles, leather bondage mittens, collars, bondage yoke, stainless steel bondage balls for hands and head, Hoods-leather, spandex and latex from mild to wild Gags-ball, bit, cloth, Adult Baby- diapers, jammies, bottles, nuknuks, rattles, blanket, Pony Play equipment and Dog Training equipment Tickle and Prickle- feathers, brushes, vampire gloves, pinwheels CBT & CBB-parachutes, weights, cbt boards, chevrons, gates of hell, chastity device, Humbler, Folsom electric cbt board, Wrestling- AAA wrestling mats, boxing gloves, protective head gear.

Medical Equipment

enemas-disposable bag, bulb, 2-quart bag with various attachments, disposable bardex enema nozzles, Foley catheters-gage 16-30, needles-hypodermic needles-hollow core- gage 18-30, blood pressure kit, thermometers, cervical collar, Wartenberg wheels, sounds, hospital gown.

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