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Mistress Stephie Staar

Mistress Stephie Staar

Physical Attributes

Height: 5’5″ barefoot — and well over 6’ in a fierce stiletto.
Measurements: 34B-28-30
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Blue

I have been in the fetish lifestyle since I first because sexually active. I have been in the fetish industry professionally for three years and beginning 2017 I started filming in the porn industry.

Interests & Options Provided:

I love to play! I love fetishes, all kinds! I specialize in sweet sadism, bondage (light to restrictive), CBT/CBB, medical play, enemas, animal training (puppy/horse/kitty/you pick), OT, blindfolds, corporal play, cross-dressing, humiliation (physical and verbal), erotic teasing and denial, gags, spankings, hot wax, electric play, nipple torture, and the list goes on! Don’t be shy. If you don’t ask, you won’t get the answer you want.

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Color: pink or purple
Flower: tulips
Scent: sweet or musky
Food: Cheeseburgers. I love cheeseburgers
Beverage: English breakfast with cream and sugar or London Fog
Position: I feel like this is situational
Places to Travel: I love to explore abandon buildings and ruins
Music: I have an extremely large variety of music. Alternative rock is my go to.
Book: Catch 22
Clothes: I have a large variety of clothes I have to blend into several streams of society.
Pastime: fetish play, photos/film, exotic dancing.


Lingerie: My collection consists mostly of lace, although I do have some fishnet and leather. I love body jewelry, hosiery, and costumes.
Leather: I have some leather but mostly leather looking attire. I travel too much and leather is heavy.
Uniform/Fantasy Costumes: I have lots of officials uniforms. Sexy military, nurses, little school girl. Whatever I don’t have I can get access too, so just met me know what kind of dress up/role play you like!
Shoes & Boots: I have over 5 pairs of pumps 4 pairs of boots and a few pairs of smelly sneakers.

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