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Mistress Eva Cruz

Mistress Eva Cruz Returns

Ms. Eva Cruz will be visiting again soon. She’s available by special appointment only. Contact the Den for more information.

Life long experience in the kinky world of BDSM. A Vivacious and when needed, Vicious, Full blooded passionate Latina, born and raised in Los Angeles. Natural born Dominant – now a Dominatrix. I attribute My stern disciplining skills to being raised Catholic. Structure and Discipline!

I receive great enjoyment in playing with all of your senses … mental, emotional, and physical. Adapting from severe to sensual, creating the desired session you came to Me for.

The following is a brief list of some of My favorite BDSM activities.

  • corporal punishment & discipline (spanking, caning, paddling, cropping)
  • whipping & flogging
  • bondage and predicament bondage (rope-simple, leather cuffs, plastic wrap mummification, leather straps, duct tape)
  • slave & bitch training
  • forced feminization, cross dressing, sissy & maid training
  • creative role-play scenarios, vorarephilia
  • cbt (c&b bondage, flogging & cropping, clothespins, weights, electro-torture)& ball-busting/ball-kicking
  • nipple torture (fingers, nails, nipple clamps, clothespins)
  • humiliation & degradation (verbal abuse, bitch-slapping, spitting, human furniture, doormat, caged animal, spittoon, a.b.c. food, human trash can) electrical play (violet wand, tens unit, electro c&b crusher)
  • human punching bag (boxing gloves, bare-fisted) (this does not include the head or face) water sports
  • tickle torture
  • teasing & denial
  • trampling (spike heels, blunt heels, boots, bare feet, stocking feet)
  • smothering (over leather or pvc clothing–not lingerie )
  • sensation play (fingernails, feathers, pinwheel, vibration, hot wax & ice)
  • foot, stocking, high heel & boot worship
  • sensory deprivation (hoods, gags, blindfolds, earplugs)
  • medical fantasies & play
Mistress Eva Cruz

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