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Mistress Eva Cruz

Mistress Eva Cruz Returns

Ms. Eva Cruz visiting The Den January 14 – 18. She’s available by special appointment only. Contact the Den for more information.

Life long experience in the kinky world of BDSM. A Vivacious and when needed, Vicious, Full blooded passionate Latina, born and raised in Los Angeles. Natural born Dominant – now a Dominatrix. I attribute My stern disciplining skills to being raised Catholic. Structure and Discipline!

I receive great enjoyment in playing with all of your senses … mental, emotional, and physical. Adapting from severe to sensual, creating the desired session you came to Me for.

The following is a brief list of some of My favorite BDSM activities.

  • corporal punishment & discipline (spanking, caning, paddling, cropping)
  • whipping & flogging
  • bondage and predicament bondage (rope-simple, leather cuffs, plastic wrap mummification, leather straps, duct tape)
  • slave & bitch training
  • forced feminization, cross dressing, sissy & maid training
  • creative role-play scenarios, vorarephilia
  • cbt (c&b bondage, flogging & cropping, clothespins, weights, electro-torture)& ball-busting/ball-kicking
  • nipple torture (fingers, nails, nipple clamps, clothespins)
  • humiliation & degradation (verbal abuse, bitch-slapping, spitting, human furniture, doormat, caged animal, spittoon, a.b.c. food, human trash can) ​electrical play (violet wand, tens unit, electro c&b crusher)
  • human punching bag (boxing gloves, bare-fisted) (this does not include the head or face) water sports
  • tickle torture
  • teasing & denial
  • trampling (spike heels, blunt heels, boots, bare feet, stocking feet)
  • smothering (over leather or pvc clothing–not lingerie )
  • sensation play (fingernails, feathers, pinwheel, vibration, hot wax & ice)
  • foot, stocking, high heel & boot worship
  • sensory deprivation (hoods, gags, blindfolds, earplugs)
  • medical fantasies & play
Mistress Eva Cruz
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