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Welcome to the Den of Indomitus, I am the Head Mistress, Porsche Lynn.

Welcome to our new website. We have given the site a fresh new look. We have added a few new things like a Blog and kept some of the old things like the Mistress Galleries and the Submissive Board. It was my desire to refresh the site but maintain a user friendly status. Hope we hit the target!

I have been a Domina for over 18 years and the Head Mistress of DOI for over 8 years.

I had a 10 year illustrious, award winning career in Adult Films/Videos/DVD. Within that time I starred in many Fetish and B/D/S/M movies. When I discovered that b/d/s/m not only excited me but also intrigued me immensely, I set out on a journey of exploration into another aspect of my sexual expression. I received training from as many people as possible, in the United Sates as well as Europe. My training process lasted for about 6 years before I started doing professional sessions and I feel that I am still learning today, after 20 years.
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Wrestling with Mistress Emma

January 12th, 2015 | posted in Tales from the Den

Hello, my precious deviants,
Our resident redhead had this tidbit to offer you wrestling fans:

I thoroughly enjoy my wrestling sessions. I specialize in both fantasy and semi-competitive wrestling, and I love it when men of different skill levels test themselves against me — and inevitably fail.
Puny wimps are no match for my superior strength. If you get cocky, I will spin you around like my own personal rag doll and throw you to the mat without an ounce of hesitation. I will stretch you — physically and mentally — until you are squirming putty in my grip. I take pleasure in seeing you wince in pain and writhe in discomfort as I nonchalantly squish different parts of your fledgling body with my fierce technique.
Bending you to my will comes effortlessly, and my laughter will assuredly ensue. It will frustrate you to the point of struggling even more, which will circularly cause more laughter. Take note: I will pin you as though you were nothing.
I expect you to admit aloud what I already know — that you are a little wimp. If you refuse to admit it, I will be all the more excited to deplete your helpless form of energy by wrapping you up like a pretzel and using you as an ottoman.
I will crush your ego between my muscular thighs. The charade of your being strong simply because you are a man will come to a grinding halt once you step onto the mat with me.

Tender torments,
Madame Lenore

DOIAZ Foot Party 2014

November 13th, 2014 | posted in Off the Rack: Latest News



Foot Party — All types of foot fetishes will be presented, some upon special request.



Saturday, 13 December 2014, 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.



Den of Indomitus, Phoenix, AZ — Call 602-340-1775 for directions/address.



Most of the Den’s Mistresses — View their profiles from the upper-right of this page.


How much:

  • $10 cover charge or $5 off with a children’s toy for the Christmas toy drive

  • Tickets are available for participation in the stations.

  • Be nice and bring tips for our lovely servers.



Four foot fetish stations will be available throughout the night:

  1. Footwear:  Boots, pumps, hosiery

  2. Rough:  Trampling, gagging, being used as furniture

  3. Pamper:  Wash basin, massage, pedicures

  4. Food:  Peanut-butter licking, banana smooshing, etc.


  • Photographs may be taken only in the designated location of the Den.

  • Stinky/Dirty feet fetish will be presented if requested.

  • Private sessions will also be available.

  • Refreshments will be provided for those who arrive within the first hours.

Tender torments,
Madame Lenore

Fetish Heat 2014

September 1st, 2014 | posted in Off the Rack: Latest News


In the VIP room of The Venue in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Dominas of DOIAZ entertained a select group of Fetish Heat attendees. It was a hot, balmy Saturday evening – hundreds of men and women dressed in latex, leather, PVC, boots and stiletto heels mingled with each other, danced to the music of Kretel and shopped at the various pervy vendor booths.
Mistress Jordan was dressed in black electrical tape, black sheer stockings and heels that wouldn’t be on for long. She was the willing model of a bondage demonstration rigged by the lovely Ari. Miss Jordan was bound with blue-/green-dyed hemp rope – arms behind her back, breasts tightly encased, ankles together, with the finishing piece being her exquisite black ponytail pulled taut with rope. Mistress Madeline made certain to stimulate Miss Jordan with some tickling, stroking and spanking. Mistresses Ivy and Kate got in on the final bits of action before releasing Miss Jordan from her torment.
The next scene involved Mistress Ivy turning Miss Madeline into her “little pony.” Miss Madeline came trotting out in her red leather pony boots and rubber stockings, complete with black leather pony bit and bridle. Miss Ivy was dressed in black leather thigh-high boots, gloves and corset and held Miss Madeline’s reins like a master trainer. The pony was brushed down from head to toe before being paraded around the VIP lounge for admirers to photograph or give a gentle smack on the hindquarters. When the scene was complete, Miss Madeline was given a carrot as reward; maybe she will get a sugar cube next time.
Several Dominas stopped by to socialize: Goddess Sadie, Hammer, Ava – among others. Mistress Kate managed to capture a zebra pretending to be a human. Since the human zebra is a protected species, Miss Kate allowed it to roam free for the evening. Fetish Heat was a hot night in Scottsdale in sooo many ways.
The Den of Indomitus sends many thanks to our host Horns-N-Halos for inviting us to play in the VIP room. Horns-N-Halos produces first-class fetish events year-round. Many thanks to The Venue in Scottsdale – a fabulicious event venue – for their hospitality. See you at the next event.
Never yours,
Head Mistress Porsche Lynn