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Welcome to the Den of Indomitus, I am the Head Mistress, Porsche Lynn.

Welcome to our new website. We have given the site a fresh new look. We have added a few new things like a Blog and kept some of the old things like the Mistress Galleries and the Submissive Board. It was my desire to refresh the site but maintain a user friendly status. Hope we hit the target!

I have been a Domina for over 18 years and the Head Mistress of DOI for over 8 years.

I had a 10 year illustrious, award winning career in Adult Films/Videos/DVD. Within that time I starred in many Fetish and B/D/S/M movies. When I discovered that b/d/s/m not only excited me but also intrigued me immensely, I set out on a journey of exploration into another aspect of my sexual expression. I received training from as many people as possible, in the United Sates as well as Europe. My training process lasted for about 6 years before I started doing professional sessions and I feel that I am still learning today, after 20 years.
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Trampling with Mistress Emma

April 15th, 2015 | posted in Tales from the Den

Welcome, my tortured darlings,
Our auburn-haired sweet sadist shares the details of her latest trampling session below:

He loves worn heels — Stilettos: the kind that could poke a hole through his protective layers if I made one false move. He likes knowing that I create a wickedly fun space for trample hounds like him in the rooms of the Den. I bring in an extra pair of shoes for him to lick after I step on the side of his face. “Lick the tip. Suck on it.” I’m careful not to cut his pretty mouth with the sharp edge of the Stiletto as I withdraw it and once again place it on the side of his face.
I love the way my bare feet feel against his guts as they retreat to other parts of his body. “Do you hear that? The pained look on your face is priceless.” He likes it when I walk slowly — heel to toe, heel to toe — over his entire torso. It gives me giggly pleasure to step on his appendages and flatten them to his abdomen.
“How much can you take?” I ask as I start jumping over the lower part of his rib cage. I’m exhilarated thinking about the possibility of breaking him, but he always seems to come out of the session unscathed — except for his bloody nipples. I stand atop him with my heels in either of his nipples. I get off (and get off) to see the marks that I’ve made, hoping that they’re at least semi-permanent: Even though they are erect, they’re concave. I laugh as I mount him again to jump and make more marks across his stomach.
The whole Den hears as I use him as my personal rug.

Tender torments,
Madame Lenore