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Welcome to the Den of Indomitus

Head Mistress Porsche Lynn’s

Den Of Indomitus ™

Arizona’s Premiere, Fully Equipped, Female Owned and Operated Dungeon

Welcome to the Den of Indomitus, I am the Head Mistress, Porsche Lynn.

Welcome to our new website. We have given the site a fresh new look. We have added a few new things like a Blog and kept some of the old things like the Mistress Galleries and the Submissive Board. It was my desire to refresh the site but maintain a user friendly status. Hope we hit the target!

I have been a Domina for over 18 years and the Head Mistress of DOI for over 8 years.

I had a 10 year illustrious, award winning career in Adult Films/Videos/DVD. Within that time I starred in many Fetish and B/D/S/M movies. When I discovered that b/d/s/m not only excited me but also intrigued me immensely, I set out on a journey of exploration into another aspect of my sexual expression. I received training from as many people as possible, in the United Sates as well as Europe. My training process lasted for about 6 years before I started doing professional sessions and I feel that I am still learning today, after 20 years.

I set up my first dungeon, a small private facility in Los Angeles, in 1995, where I honed my skills and knowledge. I spent many years in New York City, at several different houses, as well. I created my current dungeon in Phoenix Arizona, in 2002. It has become a premiere dungeon in the United States and the largest, fully equipped, dungeon in Arizona. The Den of Indomitus offers 5 themed, play rooms to explore all aspects of domination, submission, bondage, discipline, corporal punishment, fetish fantasies, role play, wrestling, medical and much more. I have an incredible team of Doms, Subs & Switch Players that are available for sessions as well. Each and every one of them is experienced & knowledgeable with a full fetish wardrobe. They are a beautiful, unique group of women and one man who enjoy assisting you, in your exploration. Sessions are available by appointment only, most often, Monday-Saturday from 11am-11pm. We are conveniently located in central Phoenix about 5 miles west of Sky Harbor Airport. I am proud and pleased to welcome you to my house. If you have any other questions, please contact me via email or phone.

I feel that b/d/s/m and fetish play, is one of our last playgrounds as adults. I approach all sessions with this mind set. I know that power exchange with its many different aspects, offers a valuable therapeutic tool for humanity, to heal, to feel, to grow, to know and to have fun. I have created a playground for adults to explore power exchange in all aspects, in a safe, sane and consensual environment.