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The Great Tickle Fest

January 2nd, 2014

The following tale was shared with me by Mistress Ivy about one of her recent tickling sessions:

“Slave C” is what I call him. He first made contact with me through Fetlife; he wanted to know if I was a good tickler, well, because he has a tickling fetish — although there was a little bit more to it: “Cute, light, playful tickling doesn’t do it for me,” he said. His style of tickling is about pushing limits and pressing buttons. He was in search of a Mistress that could not only perform tickle torture, but someone who could tickle a person into hysterics while being verbally humiliated. Then he said, “Adding some pain pushes it to the edge for me.”


I was in a mean and cruel Dominatrix mood when we finally met. I couldn’t wait to dominate my victim with an intense, humiliating tickle torture. I showed NO mercy on him. If I thought my victim was having too good of time, I would swiftly correct it with some faceslapping and hairpulling. I had him forcibly bound, face-up, spread-eagle to a point where no — or next to no — movement was possible, but that didn’t stop him from making a spectacle of himself. He looked like a disgusting little worm, squirming all over the place. I quickly turned my victim into a quivering mass of super sweaty, screaming flesh. I took all of his self-control or self-respect. He screamed and screamed like a little girl on the playground. The whole building resonated with a pathetic mix of laughter, crying, and agony.


Later that evening Slave C sent me a message. “O.K., I admit, YOU got me good. You tickled the s___ out of me.” Then he confessed to me that someday he wishes to do a double-Domme session. “Do you think I will be able to handle it,” he asked. “We will have to find out, right?” he continued.


It was with that last question that I realized he was hooked. He wanted more, but a double-Domme session? That just makes him f___ing crazy!

Tender torments,
Madame Lenore