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The Great Tickle Fest, Round 2

January 27th, 2014

A continuation of Mistress Ivy’s torturous tickling of Slave C:

The challenge was agreed upon:  My tickle bitch, formerly known as Slave C, had to last a 20-minute, bound tickle torture without saying the word “Mercy.”  He really felt he had the advantage because “no one has ever been able to break him in the past.”  He honestly thought he would win, with no doubt in his mind.


So convinced to win the challenge, he agreed that if he did lose, his consequences would be an OTK, bare-ass spanking while repeating any embarrassing or humiliating words of My choice.


“Well, I admit to the world:  I lost!” exclaimed My tickle bitch.


“My endurance failed me.  I couldn’t take anymore of the non-stop merciless tickle torture you were inflicting on me.  To my surprise, I gave in and said the word ‘Mercy’ right around the 18-minute mark.  I only had 2 minutes left to go.  Damn!” he continued.


Now here is where it got more interesting…


Not only did he lose the challenge, I also made him pay the consequences in a very clever and sadistic way!  Previously, I mentioned he would agree to do almost any BDSM, kinky acts as long as it involved females.  He strongly expressed his hard limits were “NO MEN.”


I took advantage of his hard limits and sadistically incorporated them into the consequences of his tickle challenge lost.  After a very short break, I extended the tickle torture and forced him to say things I never thought would come out of his mouth.  He was forced to say, “I like sucking cock” and “Big, Black Cock” on top of that!  The only way for the tickling to stop was to say humiliating and embarrassing words of My choice.


Oh, it’s not over yet!  His feet were then untied, his hands still tightly bound.  His legs were then raised over his head, and 22 hard, barehanded slaps brightened his bare-ass red.


How do I know there were 22?  I instructed him to call out the number of each and every whack.

Tender torments,
Madame Lenore