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The Agenda, Part 3

January 13th, 2014


I quickly removed the strapon cock and the restraints around his wrists and ankles. Eric turned over on his back and grabbed my face, bringing it down to his. He kissed me deeply, passionately, melting what was left of the ice. As his tongue probed my mouth, his lips locked tightly to mine. I allowed myself to melt into his chest. It was his body that was supporting me now; it was his arms that were holding me close to his chest. Even though I was still on top of him, it was Eric who was in control. I felt his hands move down my back, across my butt cheeks, his fingers slipping between my thighs — just barely touching my exposed lips. He could feel how wet I was; he could feel the remnants of the previous orgasms from when I was fucking him. There is no denying the familiar wetness and how it came to be.


His fingers moved between my pussy lips sliding, most easily, into my hole. Before I could totally process what was happening, Eric had 2 fingers deep inside of me, kissing me deeply. He asked the rhetorical question, “Whose your Daddy?”


“You are. You Are My Daddy. Fuck Me!”


As I screamed the words, I came so hard ejaculating all over his fingers, the wetness dripping down onto his hips, covering him with my cum. I didn’t stop cumming until he took his fingers out of my pussy and shoved them into my mouth, telling me to lick them clean. I was able to gasp for a few bits of air, between the feeling of licking my own cum from his fingers, to the feeling of having this incredible man take control of me. At this moment, I was completely his — mind, body, and spirit.


He grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it against my wet pussy, placing it at the entrance. “Sit down on my cock like a good little girl.” I obeyed his orders, sitting down firmly, taking his cock into my pussy, feeling him fill me up, relishing every inch of his cock and every minute of the experience. “That’s my girl; fuck me good.” In a short moment, I was screaming out in another orgasm. Eric covered my mouth, muffling my cries of pleasure and mixed-up emotions all blended together.


He removed his hand from my mouth and replaced it with his mouth, kissing me deeply. “Keep fucking me. Daddy’s going to cum.” I felt his body spasm, pushing his cock deeply inside of me, his screams muffled by my kiss.


At that very moment, I was abruptly transported back to the noisy restaurant, hearing Eric ask me if I thought that we were going to be able to work out a deal that would be mutually beneficial for everyone. I had no idea what he had proposed or, for that matter, what he had been saying for the last 30 minutes. However, I was fairly certain that we would be able to work something out that would be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Never yours,
HM Porsche Lynn