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E-mail Head Mistress Porsche Lynn at if you're too shy to call.

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Send wishlist gifts, nonperishable items, and any "Thank You" cards using the address below:


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Note: This is not our physical address.

Phone Sessions

If you desire to be dominated from a distance — whether you are out of state, incapacitated, or simply have not worked up the courage to serve a Mistress in person — phone training is the next best thing to physical interaction. The Mistress of your choice will provide a creative and inviting atmosphere for you to submit (or dominate) in the way that you feel most comfortable.

Tuition for phone training is fifty for each fifteen-minute block of time.

To schedule your phone session, follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose the Mistress with whom you wish to speak. View each Domina’s details to the right. Some are switches.
  2. Call us at 602-340-1775. Tell the office manager about the type of session you want.
  3. Choose an amount of time.
  4. Inform the manager of your payment information. We currently only accept credit cards as forms of tuition payment.

The manager will tell you what to do next. Et voila!

PLEASE NOTE: At DOIAZ, there is a degree of privacy when we use your credit card. We will keep your personal information confidential. Our full name will not appear on your billing statement; it will show on your statement as “DOIAZ” to be discreet. Only our manager will have timed access to your personal information — no one else. What a sigh of relief!

Phone sessions are obviously different from in-person play. Have no fear: Our Mistresses are highly imaginative and experienced in all areas of BDSM. You will still get spankings across your bottom, lipstick across your lips, and feet to worship. Remember: There is no fantasy too kinky for us! Even if you are many miles away, our Mistresses will place you in a submissive (or dominant) state with merely the sound of their voices and their willingness to make you more comfortable with the kinkier side of your sexuality.

Phone training is the best gift to give yourself if you are not ready to make the physical leap.

Call now to begin your phone training, or spend the rest of your life wishing you had!