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My First Sub Session

January 13th, 2014

Our very own redhead had this to relay about her virgin submissive experience:

I’d only ever been in the Immersion Room as a Domme before, and the equipment that I was so familiar with as a Domme suddenly looked far more menacing as a sub! I hadn’t been this nervous in a long time, though I knew that the session was something I could handle – or so I thought.


My Master started the session by ordering me to lie face-up on the bondage bed. He cuffed my wrists above my head and spread my legs wide, tying me securely. I felt apprehensive and excited, and immediately my senses were heightened. My stomach began to flutter.


As he began to tickle my bare feet, both he and I realized how ticklish I really am. “I haven’t even started,” he claimed – and I realized I was in for a world of powerful sensation! As his quick fingers probed and prodded my soles, I naturally resisted by curling my toes and feet and by scooting as far away as I could manage, my wrists and ankles being bound just loosely enough for me to squirm for his pleasure. He tickled with his fingers and feathers until I begged for a respite.


He released my ankles and wrists and directed me to lie on my belly. My wrists were pink from trying to slip through the cuffs. He said that he’d train me to submit properly to his demands and ordered me to keep my feet parallel with the ceiling as he introduced floggers to my sensitive feet. I didn’t even have the benefit of bondage to help me – I had to hold the position all on my own. It was definitely a test of my will, with my desire to submit warring with my natural reaction of flinching and squirming from the tickling!

To be continued.
Tender torments,
Madame Lenore