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My First Sub Session, Part 2

January 24th, 2014

A continuation of the redhead’s first journey into submission:

“I want you to beg properly,” he growled in my ear.
“Owie!  Hah!   Don’t!” I begged through my helpless giggles.
“’Don’t,’ what?” he prompted.
“Don’t, Sir?” I asked hesitantly.
“’PLEASE don’t, Master,’” he corrected.  I repeated him, feeling sheepish.


Then he told me to behave and take it, and I tried, really tried to remain still and quiet.   That didn’t work at all!  I gripped the sheet for dear life.  I attempted to muffle my screams and laughter by forcing them into the cushion of the bed, but I found out later that everyone in the entire dungeon heard me anyway.


Finally, he decided to give me a break.  He spoke in a low, confident tone close to my ear to check in with me as I panted, trying desperately to get my breath back.  He noted with approval the wet spots on the sheet where I tried to muffle my cries.  He looked very satisfied, but he was ready to make me take more.


Once or twice, I laughed too loudly for his preference, so he spanked me.  It was a firm, get-your-attention kind of spanking – and oh, he got my attention.   Maybe I would have rather taken the spankings … yes, indeed.


The tickling was so intense for my virgin feet that I almost lost my voice, laughing and begging for mercy.  This torturous experience lit a fire in me to be excited for my next sub session.   Going from trainer to trainee challenged me on several mouthwatering (literally) levels.

Tender torments,
Madame Lenore