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Mistress Lilith

Height: 5’4
Measurements: 34D/29/39
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Blue

Background: I have been active in the BDSM lifestyle for two years and am very excited to join the team at the Den!
Hometown: Born and raised in the desert
What You’d Never Guess: I’m a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi.


Favorite Color: Wine Red, Sapphire
Favorite Flower: Lilies, Red Roses
Favorite Scent: Sage
Favorite Food: Sushi, Prime Rib
Favorite Beverage: Devil’s Ale (American Pale Ale), Pinot Noir
Favorite Actor:’s John Paul The Pope
Favorite Actress: Belladonna
Favorite Movies: (Besides kink movies) Horror, Gore, Fantasy, Sci-Fi,
Favorite Position: On top
Favorite Places to Travel: New Orleans, San Diego, Rocky Point
Favorite Music: Punk, Rockabilly, Ska, 80’s Batcave Goth, Bubble Pop, Female-led Punk and Metal, Norwegian Death Metal, Post-rock, Alternative
Favorite Book: Lolita, The Metamorphosis, Venus in Furs, Pale Fire, Heart of Darkness, Pride and Prejudice, The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson, Candide, The Picture of Dorian Gray,
Favorite Clothes: Lingerie, combat boots, dresses
Favorite Pet: German Shepherd named Remo, and big fluffy kitty named Lollipop
Favorite Pastime: Reading, writing, attending fetish events/educationals/parties, going to concerts,
Wardrobe: Patent leather skirt and top, black and red heels, black patent leather high heel boots, pink combat boots, black or white sexy panties, pencil skirt, little black dress, Clown costume, tutus, corsets, babydolls, stockings and pantyhose,

Services Available to You

Current Dungeons: Phoenix
Specializes In: Corporal Punishment, Spanking, Heavy Impact Play, Canes, Paddles, Floggers, Needleplay, Discipline, Humiliation, Light to Heavy CBT, CBB, Nipple Torture, Stomping, Pet Play (Puppies, Horses, Kitties, Pigs), Age Play/Infantilism, Cigarette Smoking, Human Ashtray, Feminization, Bondage, Mummification, Spitting, Face-Slapping, Couples, Females, Clothespins,

Gifts/Wish List: Fetish Gear and Toys, Pinot Noir, Philosophy Perfumes, Boots and Heels Size 7, Horror or fetish inspired masks, Gift Cards for Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, and Build A Bear, Gothic Jewelry