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Mistress Jade

Physical AttributesMistress_Jade_09
Petite, Curvy. Caramel colored skin, very curly long hair, (color changes often.)
Height: 5’0
Measurements: 40D-40-44
Hair Color: long medium brown and reddish/blonde curly highlights.
Eye Color: light brown

Hometown: From a town too small for me.
Years of experience: New to the Dungeon, but not new to the life.

Favorite colors: red, black, dark blue and royal purple.
Favorite flowers: Roses, Middlemist red- I love rare and vibrant colored flowers.
Favorite scent: Rose, Lavender and I love all different types of perfumes.
Favorite food: Chocolate, International cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, etc)
Favorite beverage: I love sipping on hot chocolate (variety of flavors), many different types of teas, my favorites are; green, and fruit teas.
Favorite position: Above my subs and slaves swashing them with my petite feet!
Favorite place to travel: Anywhere there is a beach within 5-10 miles. My absolute favorites are; New Zealand and Australia.
Favorite music: varied tastes depending on my mood: Rap, Rock, Pop Old School, Techno, Dubstep, Folk, Classical (more violin) the list goes on… (I play the violin and piano, classically trained).
Favorite book: Abduction by Robin Cook, Stephen King, I love scifi/supernatural/futuristic books with strong female roles.
Favorite clothes: I love to wear classy items, with a touch of an edge to it. My style you could say ranges from steam-punk/apocalyptic girl, girl next door to a professional executive type. But, I do love many different types of costumes, love dressing up.
Favorite pet: Love dogs.
Favorite pastime: I love taking nice long hot bubble baths, I love explore nature and being outside. I love reading a good book and getting lost in it. I also love to travel and go to new and interesting places.

I love receiving these items as gifts.
Overall Style: My style is a little bit between old Victorian classic era style to rock- ability/Gothic/Steam-Punk/Pirate/Apocalyptic Femme Fatale depending on my mood.
Lingerie: I love Gothic/steam-punk/pirate type of style corsets, and I love boy short/booty type of panties, pantyhose (black and nude). My favorite type of material for bras and panties are lace.
Uniform/Fantasy costumes: I love dressing up as a cop, teacher, boss, bratty school girl, Storm, (I love dressing up as tv and movies characters and playing those roles. Ever heard of Olivia Pope? The possibilities are endless.)
I honestly love dressing up in different outfits and costumes. Got anything interesting for me? I also love superhero costumes and sci fi and Mythological type of costumes as well as well. I love receiving outfits/uniforms as gifts as well, so don’t forget to spoil!
Shoes and Boots: I wear a size 8. My preference are shoes with a heels. I like a good chunky heel to squash my victims with! I love a good open-toe shoe, or even closed toe shoe with a ankle strap, knee high boots are my favorite, with buckles and zippers on them.

Forced Fem., body worship, foot worship, bondage, corporal punishment, discipline, spanking, face slapping, spitting, tease and denial, electric play, slut training, cross-dressing, how wax, verbal and public humiliation, CBT, CBB