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Mistress Kate

Mistress Kate

Physical Attributes
Height:  I’m 5’7” barefoot — and well over 6’ in a fierce stiletto.

Measurements: 34a-25-35

Hair Color: Long, dark, thick, shiny, and all the way down to my waist, though you’d only know it when it’s straight. I wear it straight or curly, depending on my mood.

Eye Color:  Hazel green


Background: Wouldn’t you like to know? I’m new to the Den with several years’ personal experience in bringing gentlemen to their knees.

Hometown:  The biggest little cow-town in America

What You’d Never Guess:  I’m easily hurt by unkind words.


Color:  I love blues, pinks, and black.

Flower:  Orchids and roses

Scent:  Givenchy Angels and Demons, le secret

Food: Anything spicy – Thai, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean; dark chocolates, truffles, pistachio ice cream

Beverage:  Wine, dry and red, or a light white.  I also love good coffee, freshly squeezed juices, and real southern sweet tea.

Position:  What I want, when I want it.  I love it when a man can read a woman’s body language and know her desires.

Places to Travel:  Anywhere with a beach and blue skies

Music:  I love so many different musical genres!  Classical to the British Invasion; punk, rap, country, top 40, ska, folk, Motown, blues, bluegrass, swing, industrial … anything, as long as it’s smart.

Book:  The Bible.  That book seriously has it all.  Romance, murder, mayhem, you name it.

Clothes:  Usually something in black.  Although I like spring colors, too.  Leather, of course.  Anything that looks good!

Pet:  My bull mastiff/black lab.  She’s the best bitch in the whole world!

Pastime:  Motorcycling, learning about classic cars, shopping for shiny things, visiting museums/art galleries of any kind, spending time with loved ones

Mistress Kate

Lingerie:  My collection consists mostly of black satin and lace, although I do have some fishnet and leather, as well. Thongs, panties, bras, slip dresses, and corsets. I do have some reds, as well as whites! I also love thigh-high stockings and garters.

I also have white ankle socks, knee-highs, and if you like it dirty, stinky socks and stockings!

Leather:  I have leather bustier, boots, skirts, and corsets.  Red or black.  As leather is a personal fetish, I’m always collecting more.

Uniform/Fantasy Costumes: I love dressing for play! You name the game, and I’ll dress the part!

If you are interested in a particular outfit, don’t hesitate to pick it up for us to play!

Shoes & Boots:  In addition to my affection for leather, I love shoes. The higher, the better.  Open-toed, closed-toed, pumps, strappy, boots, sandals, sneakers, you name it. Black, white, and every color in between. Please feel obliged to gift me with shoes, as they are my favorite, My size is 7 ½ open-toed or a 8 closed-toe.

Options Provided:

I love to play! I love fetishes, all kinds! I specialize in sweet sadism, bondage (light to restrictive), CBT/CBB, medical play, enemas, animal training (puppy/horse/kitty/you pick), OT, blindfolds, corporal play, cross-dressing, humiliation (physical and verbal), erotic teasing and denial, gags, spankings, hot wax, electric play, nipple torture, and the list goes on! Don’t be shy. If you don’t ask, you won’t get the answer you want.