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Mistress Athena


Height: 5’4”
Bra: 34D
Bust/Waist/Hip: 36, 27, 37
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde; Wavy/Curly
Eye Color: Yellow Green
Heritage: Irish

A little About Myself

Hometown: Local
College: Studying Engineering
You’d Never Guess: I’m an avid equestrian and world class shooter. I control 1200 lb. animals you will be no problem.

Some of my Favorites

Colors: Red, Black, and Silver

Flower: I’m am more of a succulent’s type of gal

Scents: Vanilla, Sandalwoods, Earthy

Foods: Steak, Potatoes, Crab, and Cheeses; always enjoy Italian as well

Beverages: Water and Juice

Position: Whatever is the most humiliating

Travel: Italy and Ireland were astounding. Someday I would love to travel to Australia and Costa Rica. Anything with adventure!

Music: Meg Myers, Big Data, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana Del Rey, Marilyn Manson

Clothes: You will usually find me in a dress if not, I will be in shorts and cowboy boots ready to go riding

Pets: My doggo: Beau, kitty: Bear, and my two Mares

Pastime: Horseback Riding, Scuba Diving, Boating, Hiking, Tubing, Traveling, Netflix, Going to the Dog Park

My Wardrobe

Lingerie: Bras, panties, garters, dresses, corsets, variety of stockings and panty hose
Leather: Bra, panties, shirts, waist cinchers
Uniform/Fantasy Costumes: School girl, nurse, Bikini, Teacher, Secretary