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Mistress Amanda

Physical Attributes:

Mistress Amanda at Phoenix, Arizona
Height: 5’8″
Measurements: 36″C 30″ 37″
Hair Color: Wavy Auburn
Eye Color: Green


Hometown:  From the Fertile Fields of the Great Plains
College:  ISU Pre-Law
Years of Experience:  7 Years

What You’d Never Guess:

Ordained Priestess & scholar of early christian history


Favorite Color:  Scarlet red
Favorite Flower:  Fragrant Roses and Freesia
Favorite Scent:  Amber and Vanilla
Favorite Food: What mood? What chef?
Favorite Beverage:  The Perfect Iced Tea with Mint and a bit of sugar
Favorite Actors:  Sean Connery, Andreas Katsulas
Favorite Actress:  Katherine Hepburn, Whoopie Goldberg
Favorite Position:  Whatever I want a nano-second before I want it
Favorite Places to Travel:  Scotland, Vienna, the Biltmore Estates, House of Ten Thousand Waves, and pretty much anyplace I haven’t explored enough yet
Favorite Music:  What Mood? Gypsy Kings’ tangos, classic strings of Vivaldi, sensuous spiraling trancy sounds like Enigma, Sowetto/ethnic rhythmic vocalizations such as Nomad, the legendary Tina Turner, The impeccable Annie Lenox, Seal
Favorite Book:  Lucifer’s Hammer, Lightningbolt
Favorite Clothes:  Sensuous sheer fabrics swishing across my long legs, all kinds of lingerie, tops that almost show my wonderful breasts
Favorite Pet:  Mr. Guy Noir, ropemaster kitty
Favorite Pastime:  Exploration and Travel with fine dining, Reading and Conversing about cultures, history, and nature of the universe, Rainstorms, Nature watching in my eastcoast home. Want to play some Queen’s hand poker? Maybe Chess? Perhaps Billiards or Croquet – you bring the balls


Lingerie:  Stockings (fishnets, seamed, Cuban, thigh high, striped…), Garters, Lace, thongs, panties, and bras in black, white and red, Chemise, Leather Corsette
Leather:  Corsette, Studded leotard, Mesh shirt –
Uniform/Fantasy Costumes: Vinyl gown, June Cleaver, Goddesswear
Wanna play Pirate with Commander Amanda??
Shoes and Boots: Stillettoes, Pumps, Open Toed

With advance notice, I have great resources – IF you are worthy

Options Provided:

Current Dungeons:  Phoenix
Specializes In: Sensuous to stern discipline and bondage – with or without fantasy role play using the usual and some unusual forms of Restraint, Spanking, Flogging, Caning, Striking, Single tail, OTK, CBT, NT, GS,
Sensory deprivation, Tickling, Trampling, Tease and Denial, Suspension, Confession, Medical – light to invasive – Sounds, Pinwheel, various and sundry Electronic toys, Play piercing, Mummification, Knotwork, Fire and Ice, Age play, Feminisation, Grooming discipline, Deportment, Body worship.

Role play might be Mommy/Auntie/Teacher/Nun with a naughty boy or baby or perhaps the naughty nurse or wicked doctor in her clinic. Are you a bad boyfriend who deserves a bitch? Maybe it’s prison interrogation (I’m currently researching water torture and shop vacs). Goddess initiating a worthy servant is a favorite. Your fantasy may require other roles. Ask

I Loooooove messing with your senses – depriving them, frustrating them, provoking them, confusing them, exercising them, surprising them.

I adore introducing Novices to the possibilities.

I also enjoy being a non-fantasy instructor for the aspiring Master/Mistress on how to play safely. Pain is one thing – Damage is quite another.

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