Mistress Madeline

Physical Attributes:Mistress Madeline DOIAZ
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Measurements: 36 B / 28 / 36
Hair Color: Curly, Black & Long
Eye Color: Hazel
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ! That’s right, I’m a local!
Years of Experience: 8+ years of lifestyle experience.
There’s not a lot I’m unfamiliar with at this point!

What You’d Never Guess: I love pottery and ceramics.
Favorite Color: Any kind of green – spring green, jade green, grass green. I’m also fond of sky blue and royal purple.
Favorite Flower: Snapdragons, because they bite! :)
Favorite Scent: Citrus, Cinnamon.
Favorite Food: Rare steak or Sushi
Favorite Beverage: Chai tea, hot chocolate.
Favorite Position: Doggy style! Bend over, Rover! ;)
Favorite Places to Travel: Portland, Hawaii. I’d love to visit Venice, Italy someday.
Favorite Music: Industrial, Classic Rock, Alternative
Favorite Book: Anything by Andrew Vachss. I’m also a huge comic book fan and I LOVE non-traditional comics like Sin City
Favorite Clothes: I love to play dress-up! My black pvc waist-cincher and all my latex. I love shiny stuff!
Favorite Pet: I love  Dogs, pugs, pit bulls, and mastiffs.
Favorite Pastime: Reading, writing, goofing off on the internet.
Wardrobe:Mistress Madeline DOIAZ
*I LOVE WARDROBE REQUESTS!* If you have a specific look, please let me know.
love to play dress-up!
Lingerie: I am a stocking FIEND. Nothing makes me happier than a new pair of stockings especially black and sheer.  I love wearing them with garter belts and I have lots of different styles-just ask.  I have lots of lingerie.
PVC/Vinyl: Due to a lifelong obsession with fetish wear, I have lots of shiny PVC and vinyl to tease you with! I have coresets, waist cinchers, bras, hot pants, dresses and skirts in many colors.
Latex: I have a small collection of latex that I am slowly expanding, including a black halter dress, black, purple & red panties, black, blue & red gloves, stockings-blue & black.
Leather: Nothing beats the scent of leather…I have corsets, waist cinchers, pants, skirts, jackets
Uniform/Fantasy Costumes: PVC fetish schoolgirl, nurse, and nun costumes. I have many naughty schoolgirl skirts, and a REAL cheerleader uniform! I also enjoy dressing up as a Secretary, Teacher, Mean Boss, Mafia Girl, Biker Girl, Policewoman, Mommy and Babysitter!

Shoes: Stilettos with or without platforms, open-toe spike heels, mary janes and wedges! 
Boots:  I love Boots!  I have lovely shiny PVC boots in calf-high, knee-high and thigh-high lengths.  I also own a pair of Punitive Shoes “Rancho” Pony boots- with hooves!

Services Available to You:
Current Dungeons: Phoenix, Den of Indomitus
Specializes In: I am a Switch, so I like both ends of the leash, so to speak!
I’m happy being the meanest Mistress or the sweetest Submissive – it’s up to you!

As a Mistress, I absolutely love bondage, role play, animal training-(I specialize in puppies & ponies), SOT/AP, flogging, spanking, paddling, using the Violet Wand and sounds.  I love crossing-dressing, and teaching (or forcing) grown men to act like well-behaved little ladies…or showing me how slutty they can get!  I also am very interested in age-play and Adult Baby/Diaper Lover Play- I like being a mean or loving Mommy or a naughty & nice Babysitter for boys and girls.  I love having my toes licked & sucked and my feet & legs rubbed!

As Sub/Switch, I really like role play, puppy/pony training, tickling, age play, Adult Baby/Diaper play, being collared and led around on a leash.  I am a gag aficionado and I am also fine with almost ANT kind of bondage,- I’m very flexible and like being bound up tight!  I’m also fond of OTK spankings, boot worship, violet wand.  I really like being told what to do: taking orders turns me on!