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Master James

Height – 6′
Measurments – 175lbs, 8% Body Fat, very athletic
Hair – Dark Brown, almost black
Eyes – green & piercing

Hometown – California, most all of it
Years of Experience – You’ll know when you experience me

What you’d never guess: I’m kind of a nice guy in private life……but it’s unlikely you’re gonna meet that part of me.

color – black, purple, blue
flower – ?
scent – fresh cut grass or an open field on a late spring day
food – 4 star restraunts and above, especially Italian and good Steaks
beverage – a really quality Pinot Noir or 20 Yr Tawny Port
position – depends on my mood and which lover/partner I’m with at the time
travel – places where I’m either totally immersed in nature away from all signs of civilazation or a true 4 or 5 star hotel/resort with a great pool & bar/restraunt scene
music – I’ve really broad musical taste, just no hard-core rap!
book – “Think & Grow Rich”, Napolean Hill
pet – I’m looking forward to day I bring home my new dogs
pastime – being outdoors! hiking, snowboarding, swimming, working out, training martial arts, sex, food, stimulating conversation

Wardrobe – leather/goth outfits, military uniforms, medieval-dungeon, “street clothes”, very versatile upon clear request

Dungeons- DOIAZ

Specialize – flogging, spanking, bodage, CBB/CBT, GS, humiliation, role play, slave training, gags