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Latex Sex, Part 3

March 28th, 2014


I licked and sucked on his perfect balls, gently pulling them down with my hand. I was able to watch his face while I serviced his cock and balls on my knees, in front of my beautiful Master, wanting to return the pleasure to him in any way I possibly could. I would have done this for hours if he would have allowed it. And maybe he would have allowed me to go on for hours except for his desire to bury his cock into my pussy and for the tightness of the latex shorts wrapped around his thighs. D stood up, slid the latex shorts down his legs, giving me an even better view of his fabulous body. He reached for a latex condom and slid it over his throbbing cock.


I used the break to drink water, my desperate attempt to stay grounded. I always felt like I could just float away in my engagements with D. I sat on the edge of the bondage table, watching D, feeling the excitement build inside of my body knowing that I was going to have him inside of me again very soon.


“How do you want me?” I asked, in my best submissive voice.


He smiled with a slight laugh and said, “I am not sure.”


I rolled over exposing my ass, knowing this was a good position for both of us to start and often finish in. D pushed his cock into me, completely and fully. He has a way of using his cock as an extension of his body, which can illicit pleasure or pain. The first insertion always feels as though I have been completely filled up, almost too much. There is always a moment of “Oh, my god, can I really take all of it?”


My pussy twinges, not sure if it can open fully to accommodate the fullness of his cock. My mind demands my pussy to open, to expand, and to accommodate my Master’s cock fully. I want, desire for him to take me deeply, fully, even if it hurts. I must have every inch of him inside of me. D doesn’t baby my pussy; he knows it can and will accommodate him. I beg him to take me, and he does.


As he pushes his cock in and out of my pussy, the strokes get smoother and easier. I can feel my pussy expanding, opening and surrendering to his cock. It doesn’t take long before my first orgasm with my Master’s cock rushes over my body. My whole body reacts to the orgasm. I feel like a volcano exploding; molten magma, that has been kept tightly constrained, is released with a tsunami. So ultimately, it feels as though a volcano and tsunami have collided inside of my pussy.


I can feel the wetness of ejaculate squirting over the shaft of his cock. The feeling doesn’t really ever stop as D continues to fuck me, reveling in how many times he can make me cum. This feeling continues on with every stroke of his cock, until he allows himself to explode inside of me. It feels like a high-voltage electrical box has exploded between his orgasm and mine at the same time, completely taking over.


There are no words to describe the feeling, although I have tried with the words that I have written. But there are no words known to mankind that can describe the transcending, transformative, mystical, magical mysteriousness of serving my wonderful Master D.

Never yours,
HM Porsche Lynn