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Latex Sex, Part 2 of 3

March 14th, 2014


OMG! I fucking love this so much, and he knows; that it is so unfair because I will most certainly orgasm within minutes of his mouth and tongue licking me. I felt the energy building up inside of me, I used my breath to try to prolong the inevitable, but my Master became more forceful when he felt me trying to hold off and immediately a volcano of energy exploded between my legs. I felt my pussy ejaculating its wetness as if a water tap had been turned on. I screamed in ecstasy, my body spasming from head to toe. I mumbled, “No, no, no,” not really wanting him to stop but truly desiring to hold off just a little longer.


As I was recovering, D began to lick and kiss my shiny black boots, up and down, I could see how aroused he was, how magnetically attracted he was to my boots as he continued to kiss them, lick them. I loved watching him lick my boots – I cannot explain why; I just love it. Partly, to have this gorgeous man on his knees, doing something so kinky, so devilishly naughty made me weak in the knees, and I quickly exploded with another orgasm, as I watched his tongue licking my shiny black boots. As soon as I had recovered my breath, D placed his mouth back on my pussy, licking the wetness between my lips. I managed to hold out for a few minutes longer before screaming with another orgasm.


D smiled; he seemed to enjoy the fact that I was capable of multiple orgasms. He played me like a musical instrument keeping me in a constant state of orgasticness, which I really didn’t mind either. I moaned, “Yellow,” my safeword, which means caution and begged to have a small break, which my Master so graciously allowed. I sat up and collapsed to my knees with D standing in front of me. I reached out for his hips. His cock was hard underneath the latex and was making a beautiful imprint. I licked his latex covered cock. It was so hot: I could see and feel every curve of his cock and balls.


This was a total turn-on, for both of us, I think, because D lifted me off the floor and back onto my feet, turned me around, and bent me back over the bondage table, pulling the soaking wet thong off. Now I was completely exposed standing bent over, D placed his hands on my butt caressing it sweetly then smacking hard, taking me from sugar to spice in an instant. I loved it and moaned for more, harder. He kept this combination up but slowly slid one of his latex-gloved fingers into my pussy, which produced more wetness. He slid another finger inside of me while spanking my ass. Oh, heaven of heavens. I allowed myself to open, letting my pussy take whatever he wanted to give me. He placed another finger inside of me.


While my pussy was opening, my mind was thinking, “Oh my God, how many fingers is that” I counted 3, three fingers inside of me. Just as I was wondering how much more I could take, D attempted to slide in one more finger. I love it when he pushes me a little further than I think I can go. But try as hard as I could, it wasn’t going to fit. Maybe another time in another position… I would love to feel his whole latex-gloved hand inside of me, the ultimate submission.


After he pulled his fingers out of me, he sat down in front of me, pulling the latex shorts down just enough to expose his cock and balls. Oh, what beautiful cock and balls. I wanted him so badly. I wanted him completely in my mouth and every other orifice. I wrapped my lips around his cock and began sucking the head, licking that wonderful spot behind the head, as my mouth began to salivate, allowing my lips to slide down the shaft of his cock with ease. I always try to deep-throat his cock, to swallow it completely but still haven’t been able to accomplish this. Maybe another time, in another position…

To be continued.
Never yours,
HM Porsche Lynn