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How to Keep a Man

June 23rd, 2014

Mistress Ivy schools us in what it means for a Domina to have a kept man:

Hand him a rope and tell him to hobble his ankles. Bend his arms at the elbows and wrap electrical tape around both elbows up to his shoulders to form a pair of chicken wings. Tape his hands into fists. Put a leash on his genitals and lead him around the room. Sit him on a bench; then sit in front of him, smile in a sinister way, and explain that you are going to demonstrate the correct way to keep a man and that he is the ideal subject. Tell him that you are going to gag him by sealing his mouth shut. Men should only be able to speak with their eyes, and their mouths should constantly be packed and sealed.


Talk to him while you explain your actions. Put a ball in his mouth, and tell him that gagging him without first packing his mouth would not *do it* for you. Tell him that packing the mouth first is important in making sure that he is unintelligible. Seal his mouth with the duct tape. Put a wide X from above the ear down across the mouth to the bottom of the chin in both directions. Make sure that you put it on tight and that you smooth it down while pressing it hard. Make it a nice, good seal. Place another strip horizontally across the middle of the X, another above that one just under his nose, and another that covers his chin. If you’re feeling particularly sticky, place another strip or two underneath his chin and up the sides of his head, and tell him that it’s to finish the seal. Smooth these completely down by hand and make them nice and tight.


Tell him why you gag men and seal their mouths and how you find a quiet, gagged man very attractive. Kiss the tape all over and laugh at him while he attempts to speak. Always pretend that you believe that he is asking for more. “Oh, you want more? More tape? That was an ‘Mm Hmm’ not an ‘Mm mm,’ wasn’t it?”


Grab his head with both hands, turn it toward you, and keep reminding him why you like him gagged and that you would love it if his mouth were always sealed shut. Squeeze a nipple to test his speech and decide that he is still not quiet enough. Pull out some gauze and wrap it around his mouth and the back of his head — like a mummy; then test again. Lead him around by the leash while making fun of how hushed you have made him and how sealing his mouth makes him the perfect man for you. Tell him that you want to keep him overnight and that nobody knows where he is. And then ask him, “That’s alright with you, isn’t it?” Wait for his muffled incoherence before finally acknowledging, “That’s what I thought.”

Tender torments,
Madame Lenore