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First Encounters, Part 1

December 17th, 2013

Mistress Kate made one couple’s night a real treat.

She contacted me through Fetlife. She was dirty. She was kinky. She wanted to be hurt: forced, restrained, beaten, choked. Her partner was vanilla. They were in search of an experienced Mistress to “show them the ropes.” Her girlfriend just wanted to watch, being a virgin to the scene. I was overcome with the possibilities, the ways she would be violated, fantasizing about what I would do to her while her woman watched utterly captivated.


They were 25 and beautiful. Ella was dripping during inspection, before I had even cuffed her! Her partner loved watching me collar her little bitch, affirming the steel tag engraved “SLUT” was entirely appropriate. Turns out Miss Vanilla had an emerging sadistic streak! As I strung my borrowed pet, clad in black bra and panties, suspension cuffs, leash, and clamps, I watched them both transform. Miss Vanilla quickly morphed to Demanding Domme Voyeur as I stretched Ella’s body with various spreader bars and a handy industrial wench. It was obvious she was getting very turned on when I forced Ella to face the wall and present her ass to her woman.


“Harder!” Ms. V exclaimed, as I whipped, caned, flogged, and paddled her sweet little toy’s ass. She was practically drooling, eyes glazed, forcing herself to remain seated. I knew she wanted in on the action. Who wouldn’t? Her lovely lady could certainly take a beating! The harder I hit, the more determined this rebellious lass became, stubbornly refusing to call out, per instructed by V, completely lost in subspace. I could almost smell the lust I saw in the “virgin” eyes of the “vanilla” voyeur. In that moment, I knew with absolute certainty they were both mine now.

To be continued.
Tender torments,
Madame Lenore