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March 28th, 2014

My naughty readers,
All stories shared below did not take place at DOIAZ unless otherwise noted. For stories from actual DOIAZ sessions, you may click here to access the “Tales from the Den” posts.
Tender torments,
Madame Lenore

Latex Sex, Part 3

March 28th, 2014


I licked and sucked on his perfect balls, gently pulling them down with my hand. I was able to watch his face while I serviced his cock and balls on my knees, in front of my beautiful Master, wanting to return the pleasure to him in any way I possibly could. I would have done this for hours if he would have allowed it. And maybe he would have allowed me to go on for hours except for his desire to bury his cock into my pussy and for the tightness of the latex shorts wrapped around his thighs. D stood up, slid the latex shorts down his legs, giving me an even better view of his fabulous body. He reached for a latex condom and slid it over his throbbing cock.


I used the break to drink water, my desperate attempt to stay grounded. I always felt like I could just float away in my engagements with D. I sat on the edge of the bondage table, watching D, feeling the excitement build inside of my body knowing that I was going to have him inside of me again very soon.


“How do you want me?” I asked, in my best submissive voice.


He smiled with a slight laugh and said, “I am not sure.”


I rolled over exposing my ass, knowing this was a good position for both of us to start and often finish in. D pushed his cock into me, completely and fully. He has a way of using his cock as an extension of his body, which can illicit pleasure or pain. The first insertion always feels as though I have been completely filled up, almost too much. There is always a moment of “Oh, my god, can I really take all of it?”


My pussy twinges, not sure if it can open fully to accommodate the fullness of his cock. My mind demands my pussy to open, to expand, and to accommodate my Master’s cock fully. I want, desire for him to take me deeply, fully, even if it hurts. I must have every inch of him inside of me. D doesn’t baby my pussy; he knows it can and will accommodate him. I beg him to take me, and he does.


As he pushes his cock in and out of my pussy, the strokes get smoother and easier. I can feel my pussy expanding, opening and surrendering to his cock. It doesn’t take long before my first orgasm with my Master’s cock rushes over my body. My whole body reacts to the orgasm. I feel like a volcano exploding; molten magma, that has been kept tightly constrained, is released with a tsunami. So ultimately, it feels as though a volcano and tsunami have collided inside of my pussy.


I can feel the wetness of ejaculate squirting over the shaft of his cock. The feeling doesn’t really ever stop as D continues to fuck me, reveling in how many times he can make me cum. This feeling continues on with every stroke of his cock, until he allows himself to explode inside of me. It feels like a high-voltage electrical box has exploded between his orgasm and mine at the same time, completely taking over.


There are no words to describe the feeling, although I have tried with the words that I have written. But there are no words known to mankind that can describe the transcending, transformative, mystical, magical mysteriousness of serving my wonderful Master D.

Never yours,
HM Porsche Lynn

Latex Sex, Part 2 of 3

March 14th, 2014


OMG! I fucking love this so much, and he knows; that it is so unfair because I will most certainly orgasm within minutes of his mouth and tongue licking me. I felt the energy building up inside of me, I used my breath to try to prolong the inevitable, but my Master became more forceful when he felt me trying to hold off and immediately a volcano of energy exploded between my legs. I felt my pussy ejaculating its wetness as if a water tap had been turned on. I screamed in ecstasy, my body spasming from head to toe. I mumbled, “No, no, no,” not really wanting him to stop but truly desiring to hold off just a little longer.


As I was recovering, D began to lick and kiss my shiny black boots, up and down, I could see how aroused he was, how magnetically attracted he was to my boots as he continued to kiss them, lick them. I loved watching him lick my boots – I cannot explain why; I just love it. Partly, to have this gorgeous man on his knees, doing something so kinky, so devilishly naughty made me weak in the knees, and I quickly exploded with another orgasm, as I watched his tongue licking my shiny black boots. As soon as I had recovered my breath, D placed his mouth back on my pussy, licking the wetness between my lips. I managed to hold out for a few minutes longer before screaming with another orgasm.


D smiled; he seemed to enjoy the fact that I was capable of multiple orgasms. He played me like a musical instrument keeping me in a constant state of orgasticness, which I really didn’t mind either. I moaned, “Yellow,” my safeword, which means caution and begged to have a small break, which my Master so graciously allowed. I sat up and collapsed to my knees with D standing in front of me. I reached out for his hips. His cock was hard underneath the latex and was making a beautiful imprint. I licked his latex covered cock. It was so hot: I could see and feel every curve of his cock and balls.


This was a total turn-on, for both of us, I think, because D lifted me off the floor and back onto my feet, turned me around, and bent me back over the bondage table, pulling the soaking wet thong off. Now I was completely exposed standing bent over, D placed his hands on my butt caressing it sweetly then smacking hard, taking me from sugar to spice in an instant. I loved it and moaned for more, harder. He kept this combination up but slowly slid one of his latex-gloved fingers into my pussy, which produced more wetness. He slid another finger inside of me while spanking my ass. Oh, heaven of heavens. I allowed myself to open, letting my pussy take whatever he wanted to give me. He placed another finger inside of me.


While my pussy was opening, my mind was thinking, “Oh my God, how many fingers is that” I counted 3, three fingers inside of me. Just as I was wondering how much more I could take, D attempted to slide in one more finger. I love it when he pushes me a little further than I think I can go. But try as hard as I could, it wasn’t going to fit. Maybe another time in another position… I would love to feel his whole latex-gloved hand inside of me, the ultimate submission.


After he pulled his fingers out of me, he sat down in front of me, pulling the latex shorts down just enough to expose his cock and balls. Oh, what beautiful cock and balls. I wanted him so badly. I wanted him completely in my mouth and every other orifice. I wrapped my lips around his cock and began sucking the head, licking that wonderful spot behind the head, as my mouth began to salivate, allowing my lips to slide down the shaft of his cock with ease. I always try to deep-throat his cock, to swallow it completely but still haven’t been able to accomplish this. Maybe another time, in another position…

To be continued.
Never yours,
HM Porsche Lynn

Latex Sex, Part 1 of 3

March 5th, 2014


I walked into the room, and there he was: my Adonis, my Knight in rubber, black latex shorts with a royal blue latex tank top that exposed some of the most succulent parts of his chest and body, and those screaming-hot black boots that I longed to kiss. My Master “D” was lying on the bondage table in complete beauty. I was tempted to place a kiss upon his lips to awaken him, but he sat up on his own. I stood before him dressed in shiny black latex skirt, top and corset with the tall, shiny black boots that my Master had requested me to wear. I had pulled my hair up in a very high ponytail, sort of “I Dream of Jeannie” style. I am always intent on wearing something my Master has not seen me in, even doing something different with my hair, to make certain my Master never tires of me or gets bored by the same entrée.


My Master’s reaction met my desired outcome. He stood looking at me, soaking me in, his cock swelling under the latex. “I just want to look at you,” he said. I smiled, loving his attention. I offered to shine up his latex, placing a pair of latex gloves on my hands to rub the Black Beauty in his latex. As I rubbed the latex shiner on, I was able to completely take every inch of him into my visual. D stands very tall, 6-foot and then some; his body is rock-hard muscle – black, beautiful, and built like a brick house.


As my hands caressed the latex covering his body, I felt my pussy tingling, moistening with every stroke of my hand. My breathe was starting to quicken as I fought back the urge to throw him down on the floor and fuck his brains out. I knew that would come in good time, for D always fucked me ‘til I begged for mercy or until I screamed my safeword in a pool of wetness. My maturity allowed me to hold the space, for good things would most certainly come, as long as my Master was in the room. D gently pushed me over the bondage table a position that I was most familiar with. He immediately lifted my latex skirt over my ass cheeks, running his latex covered hands over my ass. I allowed myself to be still, taking in the feeling of him finally touching me.


D smacked my ass hard, which sent a shot through my body. It was almost unexpected. Maybe I was allowing myself to be lulled into his sweetness. He continued to smack my ass cheeks one at a time, over and over, as I yelped, moaned, groaned and screamed. The latex gloves that he was wearing provided a special sting with each smack of his hand. It felt like being on a rollercoaster ride, where the energy would bring me up with searing pain and back down with a lesser form. I could see him, as well as myself, in the mirror spanking me: We looked like something out of Skin Two Magazine. Totally hotttt. I love watching him spank me, whip me, fuck me. It puts a visual to what I am feeling.


My Master slid his hands between my legs up to my moist mound, covered in a black thong, feeling the wetness of the orgasm I had while he had spanked me. He turned me around to face him, kissing me deeply, passionately, as if to say how aroused he was by the fact that I had orgasmed from him spanking me. I liked knowing that I aroused him from just reacting naturally to his touch, whether to the touch of his whip or the tip of his cock. I kissed him back as deeply and passionately, meeting his energy head on. I wanted him more than ever, even though it was our 5th or 6th time together; my desire grew every time I was in his presence.


His hand slid down between my legs again moving the thong to one side and fingering my wet pussy, as his tongue went deeply into my parted lips. I moaned into his mouth, feeling my legs starting to shake as he quickly brought me to another orgasm. D pushed me back onto the table on my back with my legs spread wide open. As he bent his knees, his mouth engulfed my pussy; his tongue licked between my pussy lips, like he knew each fold, each crevice, gently sucking on my clit.

To be continued.
Never yours,
HM Porsche Lynn

The Agenda, Part 3

January 13th, 2014


I quickly removed the strapon cock and the restraints around his wrists and ankles. Eric turned over on his back and grabbed my face, bringing it down to his. He kissed me deeply, passionately, melting what was left of the ice. As his tongue probed my mouth, his lips locked tightly to mine. I allowed myself to melt into his chest. It was his body that was supporting me now; it was his arms that were holding me close to his chest. Even though I was still on top of him, it was Eric who was in control. I felt his hands move down my back, across my butt cheeks, his fingers slipping between my thighs — just barely touching my exposed lips. He could feel how wet I was; he could feel the remnants of the previous orgasms from when I was fucking him. There is no denying the familiar wetness and how it came to be.


His fingers moved between my pussy lips sliding, most easily, into my hole. Before I could totally process what was happening, Eric had 2 fingers deep inside of me, kissing me deeply. He asked the rhetorical question, “Whose your Daddy?”


“You are. You Are My Daddy. Fuck Me!”


As I screamed the words, I came so hard ejaculating all over his fingers, the wetness dripping down onto his hips, covering him with my cum. I didn’t stop cumming until he took his fingers out of my pussy and shoved them into my mouth, telling me to lick them clean. I was able to gasp for a few bits of air, between the feeling of licking my own cum from his fingers, to the feeling of having this incredible man take control of me. At this moment, I was completely his — mind, body, and spirit.


He grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it against my wet pussy, placing it at the entrance. “Sit down on my cock like a good little girl.” I obeyed his orders, sitting down firmly, taking his cock into my pussy, feeling him fill me up, relishing every inch of his cock and every minute of the experience. “That’s my girl; fuck me good.” In a short moment, I was screaming out in another orgasm. Eric covered my mouth, muffling my cries of pleasure and mixed-up emotions all blended together.


He removed his hand from my mouth and replaced it with his mouth, kissing me deeply. “Keep fucking me. Daddy’s going to cum.” I felt his body spasm, pushing his cock deeply inside of me, his screams muffled by my kiss.


At that very moment, I was abruptly transported back to the noisy restaurant, hearing Eric ask me if I thought that we were going to be able to work out a deal that would be mutually beneficial for everyone. I had no idea what he had proposed or, for that matter, what he had been saying for the last 30 minutes. However, I was fairly certain that we would be able to work something out that would be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Never yours,
HM Porsche Lynn

The Agenda, Part 2

January 3rd, 2014


He did refocus on his sales pitch, offering a broader online presence, better market value, blah, blah, blah. I have to admit that I was only half-listening to his speech. For some reason my mind wandered, thinking about pushing Eric onto his knees, forcing him to lick my black leather boots from the toe to the top of the boot, smelling the aromatic leather and running his hands up my booted legs. Oooh, to have this sexy man on his hands and knees, groveling at my booted feet made my thighs tingle and pussy twinge. Eric seemed to go on and on; the more he went on, the more my mind wandered. I saw him naked tied down on his stomach, on my 4-poster bed. I was whipping his back and ass until he begged for mercy. At his breaking point, I strapped on my favorite dildo. Eric was able to see me stepping into the leather strapon harness, securing the medium-sized, silicon dildo. His eyes lit up with anticipation of being taken, violated. He mumbled something about not being sure that he could take it.


“Would you rather I whip you until you begged for mercy again?” I didn’t wait for him to respond as I shoved a rubber ball gag with breath holes into his mouth, buckling it tightly behind the back of his head. This will keep you quiet while I fuck you — no begging for mercy anymore. The only thing I want to hear is your moans/groans and my screams when I orgasm. You look surprised, Mr. Big Shot; did you think that I was fucking you for your pleasure? Did you really think that I was doing any of this for your pleasure? I am going to fuck you hard and deep, so that the base of the cock is rubbing directly on my clit. I want to hear you moaning my name, begging me to fuck you deeper, begging me to come. Do you understand me?


I started pouring the leather-scented lubricant on his ass, sliding my latex-gloved finger in and out of his asshole, gently fucking him, prepping his ass for my cock. I wanted to fuck him sooo bad and in so many ways. My pussy was dripping wet with every stroke of my finger. My desire to be inside of this man was overwhelming as I climbed upon the bed and settled my cock between the cheeks of his ass. I allowed the full weight of my body to rest upon him, feeling the warmth of the flesh on his back where I had whipped him. I realized how turned on I was. I leaned down placing a kiss on his cheek, whispering in his ear, “I want you to know how much I want you, how much you turn me on, how much I enjoyed watching you lick my boots and how you are going to keep me cumming until I beg you to stop.”


As the last words escaped my lips, my cock slid deep into his ass. Eric let out a muffled scream of ecstasy mixed with pain. I did not relinquish my strokes: I increased the speed and the depth until I was screaming with my first orgasm. Eric began moving his hips back and forth, an attempt to fuck me back, drawing out my orgasm. He was now pushing the base of the strapon cock against my dripping wet pussy. I leaned over close to his ear again, cheek to cheek, and whispered, “Fuck me like you mean it. Show me how much you want me right now.”


I unbuckled the gag and removed it from his mouth. Eric taunted me, “Untie me, and I will show you exactly how much I want you from the moment that I walked into the restaurant, little girl.” There it was: my button pushed. Somehow he knew, whether consciously or not. He managed to reach out and push one of my buttons. I melted like ice on a hot sidewalk. All I wanted to do was turn him over on his back so I could look him directly in the eyes, while I fucked him, the traditional way — sitting on top of him, sliding his cock into my pussy, and fucking him as he gently asked me, “Whose your Daddy?” Fuck me.

To be continued.
Never yours,
HM Porsche Lynn

The Agenda, Part 1

December 12th, 2013


The meeting started off like any other meeting; arrangements were made — day, time, place and agenda. I seemed to be the go-to girl for my company’s meetings; maybe it was because I was the best dressed and best looking in the office, or maybe it was because the CEO knew I was capable of dominating any man or conversation to benefit the firm. Best dressed, best looking — certainly true, and since most of the clients were balding, middle-aged men who hadn’t been laid since high school, I could easily dominate even the most alpha shark in the tank.


Fall days in NYC meant that I was normally wearing a killer pair of leather boots, skirt, blouse and jacket. Today was no different: I left the office in plenty of time to hail a taxi and make it to the Upper East Side in plenty of time. I arrived at the restaurant and sat down at the table, making sure that I was easy to see from the door. I ordered a nice bottle of Merlot. As the waiter poured my glass, I sat with my legs crossed, the slit in my skirt showing just enough leg where my black leather boots stopped. The leather boots were my favorite pair: classic soft black leather, with a tapered toe and short stiletto heel. They looked like they could be on the feet of a Dominatrix without too much effort, which I secretly loved.


I sat relaxing but focused on the task at hand. This company had assured us that they could maximize our online presence and hence increase our business. I had heard this pitch from at least a dozen other companies in the last couple of months. I wondered if they were going to send their young, hot-shot rep with the shiny white teeth and extreme tan. I was prepared to have him groveling at my feet for our account and prepared in my imagination how I was going to control the meeting.


As my mind wandered, a tall, handsome, silver-haired man sat down at my table. He introduced himself as Eric, a rep from the ad company. We exchanged handshakes as I looked into his crystal blue eyes; he explained that the usual rep had gotten called away on another appointment. I was taken aback but realized this was going to be easier than I thought as well as more enjoyable. I had my fill of young, hot-shot advertising reps. I have a terrible “Daddy” fetish, which often motivated me to fuck older men, dominating them into my bed, making them my “bitch slave” and then allowing them to turn the tables on me — just waiting for that inevitable moment when they would say, “Hey, little girl, is your Daddy home? Did he go away and leave you all alone?” Yes, I realize it’s from a Bruce Springsteen song, but my one encounter with Springsteen in my youth had left a lasting impression on my sexual psyche. These 2 sentences alone or together had the power of making me melt, weak in the knees and moist in my panties.


Eric poured himself a glass of wine as I contemplated getting this incredibly attractive man in my bed. He began with the usual pleasantries as his eyes traced my body. I could see that he was sizing me up, taking in every detail of my presence from my eyes and lips to my skirt, legs and boots. He seemed to spend more time on the boots than other places. I wondered if he was sizing up his sales pitch or if he was just enjoying the view. As I uncrossed my legs and recrossed them, the toe of my boot accidently grazed his calf. I spoke an insincere apology and refocused the conversation business. Eric smiled at the light kick of the boot like he was somehow accustomed to it.

To be continued.
Never yours,
HM Porsche Lynn