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Come and Get Some Anya

November 6th, 2016


Mistress AnyaWelcome, my thanks-givers,


You are in for a wax-melting treat.  November brings our candlelit beauty Mistress Anya:  28 November – 2 December by appointment only.


Not a fan of dripping heat?  Mistress Anya has other festive favorites in Her horn of plenty.


Call the Den to schedule your appointment in advance, and get some Mistress An-ya.


Feasting frenzies,


Madame Lenore


Cruz on Eva to the Den

October 12th, 2016


Mistress Eva CruzHello, my M-proper miscreants,


Although the heat outside is subsiding, the temperature at the Den is sweltering.


Mistress Eva Cruz will be joining us on the 14th (2:00 – 7:00) and 15th (1:00 – 9:00) of October — that’s right:  this weekend.


Call the Den to schedule your appointment now before this Mistress Eva-porates.


Happy haunts,


Madame Lenore


Red Carpet, Ready Thyself

May 25th, 2016

Mistress Tangent

Hello, my darling perverts,


Our dark, seductive Mistress Tangent will be returning to the Den by special appointment only June 1 and 2 from noon to 6:00.


Access her profile by clicking here; access her website by clicking here.


If you haven’t experienced this petite, busty, powerful Domme, call and book your session now. If you have, you already know what’s good for you and have the phone queued to call.


Tender torments,


Madame Lenore

Mistress Anya Returns

March 14th, 2016


Hello, my attentive admirers,


Mistress Anya is back with the intensity of the red-hot vixen that She is. She will be visiting the Den of Indomitus from the 23rd to the 26th of March. Mark your calendars, call for Her hours, and give Her a return welcome suitable for a queen.


You may even kiss Her slideshow. I won’t tell.


Tender torments,


Madam Lenore


Welcome Mistress Anya to the Den

December 24th, 2015


Hello, lovedolls,


Mistress Anya is our newest visiting Mistress. Read all about Her delights up and to the right. This expressive Goddess is looking for inventive kinksters and obedient submissives to tickle Her fancy this new year.


Be a good boy (or girl), and bring Her some presents or wrap yourself in a bow and come to the Den with naughty intentions.


Tender torments,


Madam Lenore


Mistress Kira, the Persian Princess, Is Back…

July 18th, 2015


…to bring you to your knees.


Mistress Kira has returned.


Her tanned, supple legs and long, dark hair are beckoning you like a Grecian siren. Kneeling before your Princess will bring her delight, and you want to please your Princess, right?


Call to schedule your session, and don’t forget the grapes and palm fronds.

Tender torments,
Madame Lenore

4th of July 2015 Party

June 20th, 2015



Cost: $5 at the door if you’re in costume, $10 if you’re not


We urge you to RSVP via this FetLife event page — or call 602.340.1775 to let us know that you’re interested in attending.


Costume Ideas

For the fellas — knickerbockers (golf knickers), riding pants, long johns, knee-high socks, knee-high/riding boots, long-sleeved white shirt, vest, neck scarf, walking stick


For the gals — pastel colors, lace, corsets, petticoats, black-ribbon chokers or pearls, curled hair high atop your head decorated with flowers and coated in baby powder


Crossdressers are welcome to attend. Masks will be permitted. Costumes are optional but encouraged.


We’ll be thrilled to see you in your fanciest garb.

Tender torments,
Madame Lenore

Mistress Tiffany’s Return

May 11th, 2015

Mistress Tiffany

Hello, my precious deviants,


Mistress Tiffany enjoyed her time here at the Den so much that she plans to return in June. She will be here from the 9th to the 12th, from noon to 7:00 each night.


Call us within the first week of June to schedule a session with our visiting Mistress.


Tender torments,


Madame Lenore


Mistress Tiffany’s Visit

April 22nd, 2015

Mistress Tiffany

Hello, dollfaces,


Mistress Tiffany had a great time with those of you who were lucky enough to join her in session. She plans on visiting the Den again before the hot Arizona summer is over. Make sure to call and inquire about her next availability.


Tender torments,


Madame Lenore


DOIAZ Foot Party 2014

November 13th, 2014



Foot Party — All types of foot fetishes will be presented, some upon special request.



Saturday, 13 December 2014, 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.



Den of Indomitus, Phoenix, AZ — Call 602-340-1775 for directions/address.



Most of the Den’s Mistresses — View their profiles from the upper-right of this page.


How much:

  • $10 cover charge or $5 off with a children’s toy for the Christmas toy drive

  • Tickets are available for participation in the stations.

  • Be nice and bring tips for our lovely servers.



Four foot fetish stations will be available throughout the night:

  1. Footwear:  Boots, pumps, hosiery

  2. Rough:  Trampling, gagging, being used as furniture

  3. Pamper:  Wash basin, massage, pedicures

  4. Food:  Peanut-butter licking, banana smooshing, etc.


  • Photographs may be taken only in the designated location of the Den.

  • Stinky/Dirty feet fetish will be presented if requested.

  • Private sessions will also be available.

  • Refreshments will be provided for those who arrive within the first hours.

Tender torments,
Madame Lenore